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Online Kids Martial Artsclasses are the perfect way to get kids active, while having a ton of fun! We offer classes that are very age specific and focus on life skills. Here at the Goju Training Center, we strive to create the best version of your child possible.

Online Kids Martial ArtsClasses By Age:

TINY TIGERS (Ages 3-4)

TINY Tigers karate classes are designed to offer more than just exercise and self-defense. We go to the limit to make sure your child is getting valuable life skills. Our pre-school and kindergarten students (ages 3-4) year olds are fearless and have unlimited energy. They love physical activities and anything involving play. When that energy is not directed correctly through proper structure, it makes it hard for the student to stay focused. The solution is to provide them with a program designed specifically for them. One that fuels their curiosity, stimulates them mentally, and is age appropriate. By understanding the stages of development of a 3-4 year old, we have put together what we call the "Roaring 5".

Life Skills

1 .Blocking

2. Punching

3. Kicking

4. Rolling

5. Catching

Online Kids Martial Artsin Wilmington


Little Tigers enjoy using new motor skills. They have increased weight and height. Ther need to have peer interaction skills are at an all time high. By understanding this stage of development, we have put together there own set of age appropriate "Growling 5".

Life Skills

1. Teamwork

2. Focus

3. Coordination

4. Control

5 .Discipline

Our "Growling 5" curriculum is used to build the necessary skills to give your child an advantage in life. Your child will learn and grow at a pace that is not to easy and not too challenging. The best part is, your child will have the edge. The edge that can be used as an internal measuring stick as they grow.

We take martial arts training to a whole new level. Children are not born with discipline and confidence. It's up to us to give them those characteristics. Let us help you! Signing up is easy!! Simply fill out the form in the upper right corner.

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