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Wilmington kids martial arts

Goju isn't just about physically working out...this family is about transforming who you are from the inside out. We train...we train our bodies and we train our minds to never give up...even when you feel as though you can't go on. If you want to learn true discipline this is where you come...you will learn to recondition your mind to tackle anything that's thrown your way...and the bonus is a conditioned body that feels and looks good inside and out btw it won't come easy...but anything that's worth anything isn't

Nicole Helm

Wilmington kids martial arts

I don't feel complete unless I'm here at least three times a week! seriously, I love Goju training center!!

Janie Mitchell

Wilmington kids martial arts

I LOVE IT HERE!! Excellent full body workout, quick results when you're consistent!!

Akilah Sadé

Wilmington kids martial arts

I love Goju Training Center. They offer many classes that are flexible with work schedules. The staff is great! I have seen a drastic improvement in my health and strength after only a few months.

Jody Shipley

Wilmington kids martial arts

Effective results...best training center I know. You can expect a different experience each time you come. Love it.

Joan Brown

Wilmington kids martial arts

The Goju Training Center is one of the absolute BEST!! The workout is intense and produces great results! The staff is very friendly, encouraging, and professional. The members are very warm and inviting!!!! I absolutely LOVE this center!!!!!

Lakeysha Brown

Wilmington kids martial arts

The GOJU Training Center is an amazing gym with a great family atmosphere. You will make lifelong friendships and get in the best shape of your life at the same time! Kenny constantly encourages you to fight as hard as you can in the gym and in your personal life! If you haven't been to GOJU, you haven't "really" worked out!

Kyle Steed

Wilmington kids martial arts

Truly a welcoming and positive atmosphere ....not to mention a kick ass workout ..Kenny is one of the best motivators I've worked with and pushes each person towards their goals and potential..I look forward to continuing to progress at Goju.

Christine O'Connor

Wilmington kids martial arts

If you come to the GOJU Training center expect it to be different! This facility is like no other I have every trained in. It is friendly, inviting , accepting, POSITIVE, and welcoming to people at all levels and abilities. The people who sweat beside me are family! We all work hard and get our workout in but we have FUN doing it! Get ready to be addicted to an upbeat, ever changing and truly enjoyable experience!!

Breezy Heggan

Wilmington kids martial arts

If you are looking for a gym that will challenge and encourage you at the same time... This is it!

Kenny is a motivator, he encourages his "team" to push themselves but more importantly believe in themselves.

The can do attitude is all over the gym and if you are doubting yourself someone else will give you the motivation you need.

Nailah Miller

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